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Who Is Clinn 'Rippy'? 

A Film About The Legend

Release Date Coming Soon



The Film

When filmmaker/musician, Shance Ryan Brentham sets out to unearth the truth of the mysterious, yet respected, musical genius, Clinn “Rippy,” he discovers a gem of a person who has been misinterpreted and misunderstood.  


Clinn “Rippy,” noted for his eccentric understanding of the world around him, the man who created such musical techniques as, “Two is better than one,” * and the avant garde, industry-breakthrough album, Cymbalic -- innovating art Nouveau—and who shocked the world with his 2001 disappearance from society has always been a whimsical mystery.  


As we come face to face with celebrities, artists and friends who have some understanding of who he is, we… Through the director’s six year journey, in a piece that spans the globe, address questions about our own identity through the discovery of this beautiful, yet misunderstood, phenomenal human being in the film, "Who is Clinn 'Rippy'?".


The film, at times, is difficult and awkward, yet does not cease to pluck the chords of the proverbial strings of our hearts.


Featuring interviews with Henry Rollins, Ben Folds, Mike Portnoy, Jack Ingram, Pat Green, Janis Ian, Anika Noni Rose, James Monroe Iglehart, Cady Huffman, Pam Tillis, and Sinbad among many more. 

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